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Topics: Pollution, Environmentalism, Global warming Pages: 2 (371 words) Published: June 22, 2013
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Technology, the Society, and the Environment
Objective:Categorize the beneficial and harmful effects of technology on the
society and the environment.

Materials:references/library materials, computer (with Internet access) Procedure:
1.Form a group with four members. Decide who among you will assume each of the following roles:

a.Facilitator- guides the group and ensures that the materials gathered are relevant.

b.Secretary- takes note of the basic information about the materials gathered such as the title of the material and the author/writer.

c.Researchers A and B- gather materials that provide information on the positive and negative effects of technology.

2.Research in the library or on the Internet about the effects of technology on the society and the environment. Include three positive and three negative effects. Include the following research:

a.Summary of the effects of technology

b.An actual example of the effects

c.Source of the information 
3.Write in the table below the information that you have gathered. As a homework, organize and encode all the relevant information. Print your output on a short bond paper and submit it to your teacher on your next meeting.

Effects of Technology
Positive EffectsNegative Effects
EnvironmentHelp us to discover unknown several things in our environment and study them in any branches of science.Air Pollution, Land Pollution, Noise Pollution and Water Pollution.
Green technology.Destruction of Wild life and losing of natural resources.
Nuclear technology.Unbalanced Life and Lifestyle of Earth.
On set of digital age.
Evolvement of Medications and Vaccines.
High-tech gadgets, shelters weapons and well-improved inventions.Global Warming and cause of greenhouse effect. SocietyAutomation process of industry and household.
Brought luxury to life.
Evolvement of Medications and...
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