10 Steps to a Healthy Heart

Topics: Atherosclerosis, Nutrition, Cholesterol Pages: 4 (1356 words) Published: March 8, 2012
Living Longer One Step at a Time

 “Every 26 seconds someone in the US has a cardiac event, and every minute someone dies” (“The Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America”). As the health and lifestyles of Americans declines heart disease grows more and more rampant. Heart disease has grown to the point of becoming an epidemic, “killing half of all Americans”. The American public needs to realize that they’re lifestyle decisions have long term effects that can and will be fatal. What we eat, what we do every day affects our health in ways that surpass the short term effects. Lifestyle decisions such as our diets, our habits, and our knowledge can go a long way towards our heart’s health.

Our diets can either make or break our bodies in the long run. Things like choosing to eat healthy can really make a difference especially in regards to our heart’s health. Implementing a few foods in your diet can go a long way by helping you get rid of cholesterol, and decreasing your risk of heart disease. For instance eating 1 ounce of nuts a day can provide you with good cholesterol, and decrease inflammation in your arteries. These nuts can be any type as long as they are raw and natural and can be eaten as a snack or before a meal. Next would be to eat 10 tablespoons of tomato sauce a week, which through studies has been shown to help with multiple heart conditions. Tomato sauce can be a tasty ingredient in pasta, meat, or even baked potatoes making it versatile and an easy step to achieve. Another tip would be to avoid trans fat and to eat saturated fat as little as possible in order to avoid the hardening of our arteries which increases our risk of heart disease due to their inability to supply the heart with blood. In order to achieve this step you should avoid foods which list hydrogenated oils as ingredients and you should also avoid solid fats such as butter or margarine. Another helpful tip would be to avoid foods with high amounts of sugar in them because they...
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