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Vocabulary words Oxygenation and Elimination
Oxygenation and Elimination
Unit II
NOTE: This vocabulary list is not complete. Many words are repetitions from your anatomy and physiology class. It would be impossible to list all the words that would apply to every student. You are responsible for looking up words you don’t know on your own. This vocabulary list is only to be used as a helping tool. Many of these vocabulary words are used in your test questions and they are frequently used in clinical practice. Linda Hoffman.

Accessory = assisting i.e. Accessory muscles of respiration = intercostals and neck muscles may be used to increase ventilation in pt’s with labored breathing
Afebrile = no fever
Ambulate = to walk
Analgesic = relieving pain
Anasarca = severe generalized edema
Anuria = absence of urine formation
Antihypertensive = an agent that prevents high blood pressure Antipyretic = an agent that reduces fever
Ascites = accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity (abdomen) Auscultation = listen for sounds within the body. A stethoscope is needed. Apnea = no breathing
Bilateral = relating to two sides (left and right)
Biopsy = obtaining a tissue sample by syringe or surgery for microscopic examination Borborygmi = gurgling sound heard over the large intestine = normal, hyperactive bowel sounds Braden Scale = assessment tool to determine if a person is at risk for developing pressure ulcers. The lower the number, the higher the risk for pressure ulcer development Bradycardia = abnormally slow heart rate, pulse rate below 60 beats per minute Bradypnea = abnormally slow breathing, respiratory rate below 10 per minute, regular rhythm Bruit = a sound or murmur heard in auscultation (abnormal)

Cheyne Stokes respiration= apnea-then gradual increase in respiratory rate and depth-then decrease in rate and depth – then apnea-then the same respiratory cycle starts again....
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