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Q1. Explain the process of problem identification with an example. . Ans.
The process of identifying the research problem involves the following steps:

1. Management decision problem –
The entire process begins with the identification of the difficulty encountered by the Business manager. The manager might decide to conduct the study himself or gives It to a researcher agency. Thus this step requires that there must be absolute clarity About what is the purpose of getting a study done. When work is done by outsider it is very important that discussion is held with the business manager.

2. Discussion with subjects experts:
The next step involves getting the problem in the right perspective through discussions with industry and subject experts. The information on the current andfuture is obtained by the assistance of an interview. For example, for the organic food study the researcher might decide to go to food Experts like doctors and dieticians to seek their opinion.

3. Review of existing literature
A literature review is a comprehensive collection of the information obtained from published and unpublished sources of data in the specific area of interest to the researcher. The advantage is that it provides different methodologies and perpespectives used to investigate the problem.

4. Organisational analysis
This data includes the organizational demographics such as origin and history of the firm: size, assets, nature of business, location and resources and management policies.

5. Qualitative survey
In such a case exploratory survey can be done to understand the problem For example a soap like Dove is very good in terms of price and quality but few people in Small town buys it, thus survey is done to uncover relevant and current issues on the problem definition.

6. Management research problem
It is based on the clearly defined research problem. It simply indicates the gaps in information or knowledge base available to the researcher. For Example : lack of sales of new launched product could be due to consumer perceptions, ineffective supply chain, competitor offerings and inadequate advertising.

7. Theortical foundation and model building
The next step is to form a theortical network. It shows the expected directions of therelationships between the concepts.thus a predictive model is built to find the solutionto a problem.

8. Statement of research objectives and formulation of Research hypothesis.

Q2. Interview method involves a dialogue between the Interviewee and the Interviewer. Explain the interview method of data collection. What are the uses of this technique? What are the different types of interviews? (Explanation – 4 marks, Uses – 3 marks, Types – 3 marks)

Ans. Personal interview is a one to one interaction between the interviewer and the interviewee. Interview method of data collection:-
Telephonic methods and personal interview
Telephonic method :- The telephone method replaces the face to face interaction between the interviewer and interviewee, by calling up the subjects and asking them a set of questions. The advantage of this method is that geographic boundaries ate not a constraint and the interview can be conducted at the individual respondent’s location. Traditional telephone interviews: In this process a set of questioning are conducted by telephone. Computer assisted telephone interviewing : In this process, the interviewer is replaced by the computer and it involves conducting the telephonic front of a computer terminal and wears a mini headset, in order to hear the respondent answer. Personal methods :

At home interviews : this face to face interaction takes place at the respondent residence. Mall intercept interviews
Computer assisted personal interviewing: This technique is carried out with the help of computer.Based on the needs of study, the actual interview may be unstructured, semi-structured or structured.

Unstructured: This type of interview has...
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